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Delivery & Pick-up Option

Our pickup and delivery services are the fastest in the commercial laundry service industry. You’ll get both superior quality of service and speed.

Emergency Same-day Service

When you have an emergency, business doesn’t stop. Whether you’re dealing with a mechanical failure, a shortage of staff, or any other problem that affects your laundry flow, we’re here to help. We offer 24-hour turnaround on all emergency orders.

Bundling & Packaging

Not only do we offer fast turnaround times, but our services also come with a personal touch. When you order a laundry hotel service, we can bundle your linens so they’re ready for your staff to use. Just let us know what you need in each bundle, and we’ll prepare your linens accordingly.

Who We Serve

Serving customers across Texas and Louisiana, D2R Linen, Inc. is proud to be a top resource for quality commercial laundry services.

  • Hotel & Resort Linen Laundry
    We understand the needs of our hospitality industry clients. Whether you run a privately-owned resort or a national hotel chain, we can serve your laundry needs. No matter the size, you can outsource your laundry to our commercial laundry service or use us as your back-up resource.

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  • Special Events Linen Laundry

    Many catering and event companies don’t operate their own laundry facilities. It would require more staff resources and increase costs in a business that’s paid per event. D2R Linen, Inc. offers the perfect solution. We’ll take care of your weekly laundry needs so you can focus on executing that next big event.

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  • Table Linen Laundry
    Your table linens need to be clean and safe for your guests to use. Thanks to our eco-friendly detergents, which are guaranteed to remove stains, your table linens will be fresh and clean.

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  • Schools & Sports Teams Laundry
    Schools and sports teams often have a large amount of laundry that needs washing, yet they lack the facilities, staff, and time to take care of it themselves. Ask us about our laundry services for towels, table linens and uniforms. Our towel laundry service can handle bulk orders for sports and athletic linens and return them in time for your next big game.

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State-of- the-art-system with personal touch

01 / Sort & Wash

D2R Linen, Inc. uses eco-friendly cleaning solutions that allow us to thoroughly clean every piece of linen without using harsh or dangerous ingredients. When you have your laundry done with us, you can trust that your linens, the environment, your staff, and your guests will all be cared for.

02 / Dry & Iron

Our drying and ironing services ensure that every piece of linen is returned to you looking sharp and clean. We’ve invested in state-of-the-art equipment that can process up to 55,000 pounds of linens per day.

03 / Fold & Package

At D2R Linen, Inc., we do more than just clean and dry your linens. We prepare them for use. If you need your linens bundled and packaged in a special way, our staff is ready to help. We bundle by hand to ensure that the customer’s needs are met. Whether you need linen sets for hotel rooms, specific bundles for each player on your team, or linens bundled by color and size, we can handle your needs. Having your linens arrive bundled will help your staff stay on track and avoid confusion that can cause a slowdown in your workflow.

04 / Pick Up & Delivery

There’s no driving across town to a laundry facility when you choose D2R Linen, Inc. Our uniformed drivers come directly to your doorstep for all pickups and drop offs. Depending on your par level and overall need, we’ll set a schedule that works best for you. We even provide the bins and carts you’ll need to keep things sanitary and organized. Our facility operates all hours of the day and night, and we’re always prepared to serve you whether you have a regular order or an emergency that requires immediate attention. We offer 24-hour turnaround on all emergency orders.

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