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About Us

Making your dirty laundry our business

D2R Linen Inc. is a commercial linen laundry service company that offers an exclusive customer experience. We deliver a clean, fast, efficient service with a personal touch. For our customer’s convenience we are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Above all, our emergency same-day service is unmatched. We are specific in our goal to deliver during emergency situations where a customer is experiencing equipment failure, has reached capacity overload or is short-staffed during peak season. We pick- up and deliver right to the customer’s doorstep or loading dock.

D2R Linen, Inc. is a minority-owned commercial laundry services company founded in 2015 by Giang Tran. As both founder and operator of Decor to Remember (D2R), This innovative female discovered a void in the commercial laundry services industry. For 25 years, D2R provided special events linen and decor rental to individuals and companies. During that time Giang worked with numerous clients and learned they were not receiving the care and attention they required to efficiently run their housekeeping and linen laundry operation. Consequently, she founded D2R Linen, Inc. to bring a new approach and level of service to the commercial laundry industry.

D2R Linen Mission

At D2R Linen, Inc. we value our customers. Our mission is to bring clean quality linen to our clients promptly so they don’t have to worry about problems associated with doing dirty laundry.