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I’m writing to let you know just how thrilled I am with one of your vendors. 
I inadvertently left his most prized possession behind when I checked out- his blue blanket. He was beside himself and cried himself to sleep for the next few nights. I reached out to your housekeeping and security who were both very nice but expressed nothing had turned up. They directed me towards the laundry vendor D2R Linen Inc. 
I emailed D2R and Giang Tran got back to me the following day with the notice that they had distributed a picture I had sent of my son with the blanket to the staff and we’re looking for it. Shortly after I got the incredible email that they had found it! 
I want to commend Giang and D2R for their efforts and let you know that you’ve chosen an excellent and conscientious partner in D2R.
I’d be happy to provide you with more context information if you’d like. Thanks for your time and happy holidays!