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As you know, we are all going through an exceptionally unusual period. As a result, it is now when companies and workers,are all expected to give our absolute best in order to be up to the task, to comply with the needs of our clients and to face the challenges that this atypical situation has brought upon.

D2R Linen is a strong company that survived an enormous year in 2017. When it comes to facing moments such as the present one, we take responsibility and dedication towards our clients and society needs. For that reason, we would like to inform you that D2R Linen laundry service is operational and will continue to support the hotels and resorts in need.

The COVID-19 effects are being noticed on every aspects of our daily life. From a professional point of view, it has especially affected the tourism and, as a result, the hospitality sector. On behalf of D2R Linen and myself, I want to convey our encouraging message by saying that we will get through this, and we will do it together.

Please receive our strong support from D2R Linen and, we remain at your entire disposal, as always. Be safe and God Bless!

Giang Tran, President